Lying Republicans

In this instance, I speak of John McCain and Sarah Palin.

This video has two clips from one year ago.

And if any of that shocks you, elected Republicans have gotten worse.
And then there’s Cheney, who brags about his stellar record of no 9/11 tragedy’s in the last 7 years of his vice presidency.

Bad behavior extends to Joe Wilson.
It extends to the Newt.
It extends to Sarah Palin.
John Boehner and Aaron Schock (who spent time on foreign soil contradicting the administration)
Inhofe and his “truth squad” This guys is clueless but will spend time traveling abroad in order to contradict the president.

Everyone who appreciates the constitution should be revolted at the behavior we’ve seen by republicans recently.
And anyone with a lick of sense should be absolutely pissed off at their attempts to sabotage our country’s economic recovery.

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