Republicans HATE Democracy

  1. They support a traitor (and a criminal, and a rapist, and a historically terrible president) who tried to END OUR REPUBLIC. And if you’re a right wing dumbfuck that doesn’t understand that republic = democracy, then pick up a fucking dictionary if the republicans in your state haven’t banned dictionaries.
  2. They only win elections through lying and propaganda (fox and other copycat networks), and extreme gerrymandering. Republicans haven’t had a pro-American agenda since Eisenhower.
  3. They have been attacking the right to vote for decades. Both in their state legislatures and through their republican-majority supreme court ripping up the voting rights act.
  4. The RNC is going to declare that the primary is over, after only TWO state primaries, corronating traitor trump and preventing every other state in the country from voting in the republican nomination process.
  5. They suck up to dictators (like putin), while blocking funding for democratic Ukraine, ignoring the harmful national security consequences of their choice.