Is Jim DeMint reading the tarot cards again? Or hitting the crack pipe?

If you haven’t followed the health care debate, I’ll summarize.

– DeMint himself claims that republicans win something if they can deny Obama health care reform. Note to DeMint. This isn’t about Obama, dirtbag. This is about the people you represent and your attempts to screw the people of this country.

– Lots of republican lies
Betsy McCaughey’s and Sarah Palin’s death panels (echoed mindlessly by the right-wing blogosphere/right-wing media). Check Politifact for many more.

– Lots of COMPLETELY UNINFORMED rants at townhalls, prompted by lobbyists frontgroups, with nice sounding names like freedomworks or patients rights of america, etc. All BS stunts and idiots who didn’t know better. Look up “I want my country back”, it’ll make you retch if you have a clue what has been going on in the last decade. Another example is Arlen Spectre’s town hall in Pennsylvania, where some nut glen beck worshipper spouted much the same nonsense.

– Despite all of the republicans and insurance industry attempts, polls continually show that the majority (60%) want a pubic option.

– The president gave a great address regarding health reform – look it up if you haven’t. This is where some redneck idiot rep joe wilson screamed out, “you lie” at the president. Wilson was wrong. And a huge breach of protocol.
There needs to be an IQ and morality test before we let any more of these dumbasses have any input into the country’s future.

– Republicans outside of 2 that I know of (Olympia Snowe is one) have done NOTHING except obstruct and delay. They are in fact a net negative for the citizens of this country. They do nothing when they are in power, and they go in reverse when they are out of power.

– Despite all that, the House passed a decent reform bill.
– The senate’s is weaker, but still a positive (see my previous post about Nate Silver).

Neither has a public option though, to my dismay.
Still, this should be passed unless democrats have the balls to go ahead with Reconciliation to get something decent passed (yes please)

Again, Bush’s tax cut which was more expensive than this health bill was passed with reconciliation. And this health bill will lower the deficit. There is NO ARGUMENT based in reality that the republicans can make against this bill – which is likely why they so often resort to simply making stuff up.

Political games – fuck you R’s.

Now DeMint tries to claim that the republicans have been acting in good faith to improve the health reform bill.

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