Not real – its BS – Home Made Energy

Home Made Energy claims:

“ will teach you everything you need to have your own solar or wind power system for $200 or even less.”

I would like more information about this.
Their webpage is set up like the “As seen on TV” infomercial sites.

If it is real, it’d seem to make a perfect christmas gift for homeowners everywhere.
(*Its BS – see link at the bottom of this post)

Not real, apparently.

Ah well, I found it connected to a site off of world net daily (far right craziness). Figures they would be ok advertising this scam to their unsuspecting visitors.

Here is more, with the obligatory “Not a scam” comment pointing to a website owned for reference that is the same company.

If you see a website advertising this product, please let them know they are helping scammers rip off people who are looking to save money.

The following is real, but read reviews first so you have expectations set close to reality.
Don’t expect a single wind turbine to do the trick for your appliances.

I’ve noticed that my local electronics store carries wind generators and solar generators now.

The solar system may have been something like this, from Toshiba:

Course, the one I saw was $500.

And this is similar to the wind generator I noticed, again for $500, though i could have sworn 700 watts:

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