Amazon closing california affiliate programs over POTENTIAL new tax

F___ YOU amazon.
Not only will I be cancelling my affiliate program if its still up, I will be cancelling my consumer account too.

I cannot support some greedy ass bitch company that wastes so much of my time over a potential tax that would help california settle its republican budget gap.

This seems like more right-wing BS.

____ing weasels.

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2 thoughts on “Amazon closing california affiliate programs over POTENTIAL new tax

  1. Thank you Dan, for the Nation piece. The Tea Party movement has been wtterin off as some amorphous, grassroots, leaderless organization whose only interests are lower taxes and smaller government. If it is only a matter of lowering taxes and cutting government, then why all the vitriol? Why such intensity, and claims their way of life is disappearing? If the Tea Partyers have alternative policies for improving governent, why didn’t we see a policy wonk discussion regarding budgeting and policy at the Tea Party national convention? Instead a host of speakers (e.g. Tom Tancredo) expounded on racist and nativist themes. Why does every Tea Party gathering, including the one outside Congress on the day that the health care bill was being debated (in which members of Congress were spat upon and yelled at with homophobic and racist words), include signs with President Obama as Hitler and a myriad of hateful sayings? It is too easy to dismiss those who hold signs with racist language as being part of the fringe , not part of the Tea Party movement. Yet they continue to be present at Tea Party rallies and no one in the movement has seen fit to denounce them. The Republicans and the Tea Party have a parasitic relationship. Each gives the other cover; both can say they represent people who want to cut taxes and to have smaller government. The Republicans claim they aren’t part of the movement, but over 70% of the Tea Partiers identify as Republican.The Republicans in this state need to be reminded that they once had leaders who aptly served the Commonwealth in the moderate New England Republican tradition. Any affiliation with the Tea Party is bound to backfire. At some point Republicans will have to explain just which part of the darkside of the Tea Party they didn’t know about when they signed on to get support.David Berstein’s column this week in the Phoenix also discusses the Tea Party movement

  2. Slick Willard remains the fronerunntr to get the GOP nomination, but it wasn’t the slam dunk it was a month ago. He definitely comes across as plastic and inauthentic so it’s no surprise that Huckabee is giving him such a scare, but assuming Huckabee will or already has peaked this week with his snowballing scandals, Willard will be the natural beneficiary of Huckabee defectors. With the predictable implosion of Giuliani upon us and Thompson essentially waving the white flag, conservatives (particularly in McCain-hating Iowa) have nowhere else to go but Willard. Huckabee can still be a huge problem, but the expectations bar for Willard have now been reduced so much for Iowa that even a strong second would give him the momentum to win New Hampshire, followed by Michigan, and then slingshot him into the nomination. The National Review endorsement was most likely well-timed to parallel Willard’s comeback.If nominated, he’ll make fast work of his Democratic challenger (be it Hillary, Obama, or Edwards), the Mormon controversy quickly going away in the face of a challenge by Hillary or a black man. The bigot vote will effortlessly embrace Willard at the end of the day.

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