Why do republicans act like children? Do conservative voters like political leaders who behave like immature and ignorant brats?

Do immature fools really appeal to the republican base? Ignore for a moment that republicans are terrible people who harm our national security and prevent all good policies and cannot govern – why can’t republicans ACT LIKE ADULTS?

Marjorie Taylor Greene says UK foreign minister demanding US give more aid to Ukraine can ‘kiss my ass‘.
(no link to this because nypost is a rupert murdoch tabloid)

MTG Is Trashing Lauren Boebert as a ‘Whore’ to GOP Colleagues

The Profanity President: Trump’s Four-Letter Vocabulary

Do republican voters like cowardly trump’s fake tough-guy act?

Chris Christie: Trump is a coward and he’s always been a coward in this race

‘We did nothing’: Trump is a coward. At NRA gun show, he admitted as much.

Full Jeffries: President Trump ‘pretends to be a tough guy’ instead of governing

Do working class conservatives like trump because he shits on them?

Trump claims to be pro-worker. His record says he’s anti-union