Wanna hear a liberal cheer on big business?

There are a couple of ways.
One is to make a statement about a business association that seems to lack insight into the big picture.

Apple Leaves U.S. Chamber Over Its Climate Position

Nation’s Largest Utility Leaves U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Over Climate Denial

PNM Resources Leaves U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Slams Stance On Climate

Nike leaves U.S. Chamber of Commerce over climate policy

PG&E leaves US Chamber of Commerce
Pacific Gas and Electric Company decided to leave the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on Friday and publicly announced it Tuesday due to “fundamental differences” over climate change.

Bravo Big Business.
And it is in your best interest, considering without a habitable earth your customer base isn’t going to be very big.

The chamber has a website here.

And today I heard that Florida Power and Light is opening the biggest solar plant in the states. 25 Megawatts.
We’re getting there.
Bravo Florida Power and Light

You might wonder how much it cost to build that 25 megawatt plant (field, really)?
150 million.

So the question is, how cost effective is that in comparison with nuclear?
A nuclear plant costs 10 billion (roughly) and the last one we built generated over a thousand megawatts.

Dividing 10 billion by 150 million and you get 66.7.
Multiply that by 25, and you get 1667 megawatts for $10 billion (same as a nuclear plant).

1,167 megawatts for the last nuclear plant in the states, watts bar 1.
I’m impressed by nuclear tech, but it sounds like Solar is already more cost effective.

Obviously, 1,667 is more than 1,167.
Area may be an issue though.

The Desota plant lies on about 180 acres of land.
The nuclear plant… 1700 acres.

1700 is enough for nearly 10 solar plants, while we need 46 solar plants to approximate the power of the Watts Bar 1.
But it looks like Solar may have passed nuclear in cost effectiveness.

Here is President Obama at the newest solar plant in Florida.

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