Trump’s Tragic Tariffs

If you aren’t a fool, you know that foreign corporations don’t pay tariffs, as much as fox “news” and trump would have you believe that stupidity. Those foreign companies raise the price to maintain profits, meaning that american consumers pay higher prices. Sounds like inflation, doesn’t it?

Trump’s Tariffs Hurt U.S. Jobs

Trump’s Tariffs Were Much More Damaging Than Thought

Another Trade War With China Would Be a Fiscal Disaster
Higher tariffs would not only wreck the US economy and wreak havoc with global supply chains, they would also devastate the federal budget.

The Cost of Trump’s Trade War with China Is Still Adding Up

Evidence shows tariffs cost jobs, hurt U.S. agriculture and lead to higher prices.

What Trump’s 60% China Tariffs Would Mean for the US Economy
The impact of the proposed tax that could shrink US-China trade to almost nothing.

Former U.S. ambassador says lifting China tariffs could slash inflation by 1% over time

Trump vows massive new tariffs if elected, risking global economic war

Trump Has a Plan for Massively Increasing Inflation

Trump’s Tariffs Did, In Fact, Hurt U.S. Importers

Trump’s universal tariffs would stifle economy, fuel inflation