The costs of ignoring climate change

1. Natural Disasters
Hurricane Sandy is going to cost 70 billion.
That is 140x the amount loaned to Solyndra, which was a one-time cost (and was built into the 2005 legislation).

2. Food Costs
Food will continue to be more difficult to grow, as temperatures keep increasing.

3. Think of the children
The republican created deficit is not a good reason to avoid doing something about climate change.
The kids ability to grow food trumps the (R) deficit.
Aside from that, a carbon tax program would REDUCE THAT DEFICIT, FFS.

And who is it that benefits, if we allow our lawmakers to deny science?
BIG OIL ALONE – but even big oil needs customers, and they’ll have fewer as we have trouble supporting our population.


Unfortunately, we cannot shoot this enemy.
Ignorance and purchased politicians are the biggest threats this country (and the world) faces.

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