Right wing smear campaign: Cass Sunstein

I just noticed this page at mediamatters.

The first is a fine example of the mad ravings of a lunatic (glen beck).

Cass Sunstein, Administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, Office of Management and Budget, “believes that animals should have a right, should be able to bring suit because they are not property. You can’t own a dog. They should be able to sue you. They would also have a right to property as well.

Politifact has the truth here (they show their work):

The next is more fine lunacy.

Cass Sunstein Is Going To Ban Hunting
Glenn Beck has reported that Cass Sunstein wants to ban hunting because it is cruel to animals.

Wow, not Beck this time. We can thank CNS news for this fine smear.

Cass Sunstein Wants To Donate Your Organs

This last falsity also involved Beck.

Cass Sunstein Will Allow The Government To Regulate Your Email And Internet Use

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