Right wing propagandists focus on debt, now that the deficit has been cut in half under Obama.

You couldn’t miss the whines about “spending” for the first four years of Obama’s presidency.
Nevermind that the “spending” con propagandists were whining about was roughly 0% obamna’s spending.

But since the deficit has been reduced faster than any president in 60+ years, (R)’s and their pathetic propagandists have switched their whines to focus on the debt.

What they are hoping their idiot supporters don’t realize, is that the deficit feeds the debt.
Do you understand what that means, clowns?

It means the debt added per year (deficit) without Obama is greater than the debt is now with Obama’s policies.
But you’ll still hear desperate attempts from right wing anti-american BS artists, complaining about the debt.

They’ll also lie and say Obama promised to reduce the debt.
Wouldn’t that be something? If Obama was able to completely fix the 1.2 trillion dollar deficit that GWB left? With enough of a surplus that we’d reduce the debt itself?

Obama did promise to cut the deficit in half.
That has been done.
Deficit hawks are quiet now that they really can’t whine about the deficit (of their own making).

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