Right wing nutty yahoo

This poll was in yahoo’s financial section, which you wouldn’t think would be filled with morons.

What would you like to see out of any potential tax reforms?

Make a flat tax (57173)

Steeper sliding scale (8171)

Increase the sales tax (2625)

Raise corporate taxes (9914)

Lets let an economist explain why a flat tax would be worse for the middle class and poor.

PAUL KRUGMAN: A flat tax would either (a) be much higher for most people than the tax they currently pay or (b) raise much less revenue than the current system.

I probably don’t need to explain why (a) would be bad.
(b) means a bigger annual budget deficit, which cons have pretended to fiercely care about since 2009.

Of course, this is another case of the right-wing propagandists at yahoo doing their worst.
“steeper sliding scale” .. wtf do they mean by that? I expect that means raise taxes on the rich to a more historically normal rate, but its hard to say. This is the answer that any rational adult would pick.

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