Republicans HATE democracy

Republicans are not patriots. Republicans hate everything virtuous about the USA, which includes hating our democracy.

And republicans have help from our enemies (russia) to attack our democracy. And I don’t just mean the russian troll farms spreading lies – russia and saudi arabia have decided to manipulate oil supply in an attempt to hurt Joe Biden and our democracy.

Despite no evidence of significant voter fraud (and most of what we’ve found is republican voters doing the fraud), fox fascist propaganda network has been pushing the “voter fraud” false narrative for decades, and their viewers unthinkingly accept that lie. That false narrative is what republicans use to justify removing MILLIONS of americans from voter rolls, targeting democratic areas (largely minorites).

For instance, in the 2000 election – jeb bush had his secretary of state remove 90,000 african americans from the voter rolls, in florida where jeb’s brother “won” by 537 votes. Then of course, the republican majority supreme court stopped recounts and gave GWB the presidency, where he became one of history’s worst presidents.

The Brennan Center found that just between 2014 and 2016, in the two years leading up to the Hillary/Trump presidential election, over 14 million people were purged from voter rolls, largely in Republican-controlled states.

If republicans had good policy positions, they wouldn’t need to lie and cheat in an effort to win elections. But republicans have had plenty of time to develop good policy and all they’ve come up with is handouts for billionaires, deregulation for large corporations and banks and health policies designed to harm americans and make healthcare more expensive.

Thanks to Thom Hartmann for reminding us that republicans are cheating assholes that hate US democracy. Thom goes into more of the ways that republicans have been cheating at elections for decades at this link. He mentions caging, which I first heard about in 2008, thanks to Greg Palast.

Harder to quantify are the impacts of republicans operatives putting out misinformation about when and where to vote, or spreading the message on social media that people can text their vote. Actually, it looks like that right wing anti-democracy operatives tricked 4,900 people. One right wing asshole that hates democracy stole the votes of nearly 5000 people.

Fuck republicans and their dimwitted anti-democracy supporters.