Pathetic CNN tax report misleads

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the video.
I’ll check again later.

Last night (this morning) CNN has a short segment explaining who pays what as far as taxes are concerned.

over $1,000,000 yearly income, pays 25%.
And incomes below that pay less (17% if I remember right).

So CNN, is making the claim that the wealthy pay more in taxes.
This is a BS comparison, and CNN should be ashamed of televising it.

The problem is that CNN completely ignores where the majority of our wealthiest make their money.
Which is NOT from a salary of more than 1,000,000 dollars (some CEOs yes, but a small group).
They make more of their money from investments in stocks bonds etc.

And money made from stocks is taxed at 15%, which is the long term capital gains tax rate after Bush got through with it (lowest rate in history).

So CNN’s comparison is pointless, and they help propagate the myth that rich taxpayers pay their fair shares of taxes.
They don’t.
They pay less than the bracket below them.

CNN, you aren’t Fox, and I give you credit for that.
But this incomplete, myth-encouraging segment had NO VALUE at all.

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