Palau and Global Warming

A friend* recently spent some time in Palau.

Please enjoy browsing through these images, as Palau’s and other low-lying island nation’s existence is threatened as sea levels rise.

The great barrier reef may not last long, additionally.

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President Tommy E. Remengesau, Jr., aptly spoke to the assemblage in the Johannesburg World Summit saying that,… “It is well past time for the developed nations to recognize that their industrial activities have had, and will continue to have, a great and real impact on other. In 1997 and 1998, Palau lost at least one-third of its coral reefs due to climate change related weather patterns. We also lost most of our agricultural production due to drought and extreme high tides. Please do no tell us that these were theoretical scientific losses. They were the losses of our resources and our livelihoods. Eventually they will be the loss of our cultural existence as well.”

Still, many of the islands and atolls scattered within the oceans and terrestrial coastlines will be submerged in the years to come. The island people are faced with a life and death situation where our very existence is balanced on a tight wire. Our young President stated in his closing speech that… “Yet our destinies may very well be the window to your own future and the future of our planet. Listen to us – hear our alarm. We are under attack – not by our enemies, but by our friends. We do not blame you. We only seek your assistance, for your own good as well as ours.”


*more a working relationship (a good one, things get done) than a friendship.
Not that friendship is an explicit goal of mine.
The girl has an incredible voice, an even keel and I get the impression she’s one of life’s graceful people.
Only an impression.
What do I know?

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