New World Order

What’s with these nutballs?
Not enough attention from mommy?

These whack-jobs think the president is going to sign a treaty to give away the united states. This they think, is happening in the guise of a climate change treaty. Yes, these brainiacs think its earth-shattering bad news that we would try to do our share to prevent the destruction of our home.

This new world order crap.
I haven’t spent much time on it as its utter garbage (conspiracy crap) and life is short.
I stopped playing dungeons and dragons years ago – can’t start sticking tin foil on my head now.

Worried our tax dollars would be going to support poor countries?
We’ve been doing that for a long time already, whackos.
I cannot imagine how productive this portion of nutty america could be if they’d concentrate on science instead of creating and chasing fantasies.

I wish Reagan had never kicked these NWO guys out of their asylums in the 80’s.
They need help.

TIP: These guys love to use the word “Will” – they are amateur fortune tellers and mind-readers.

I just realized while watching X-Files… X-Files is probably to blame.
Got a bunch of idiots out there looking for the “the truth” endlessly – because they think the truth is never what is known.

And part of that is true. I’m sure it’ll be a while before we know much of the universe history, and at least 100 years before we know the brain well enough to ‘load’ knowledge rather than learn the old fashioned way.

If these crack addicts want to help solve something, open a book and learn something – rather than bask in tin foil and pray every once in a while “for guidance”. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if a guy from 200 years ago knew more about the solar system that you do today, despite you ‘learning’ about him in class and learning about more accurate revisions since?

How many of us could create a light bulb if we had to? And something to power it?
Shouldn’t that be common knowledge?

Here’s a bulb factory.

And one more:

And shouldn’t we all know how a battery works?

I’m in favor of preserving the written word, or at least making sure kids know the language.
I’m worried that texting and the internet has ruined whatever bit about the english language they learned prior to texting.

Politifact has a page about christopher monckton, who gets the worst possible rating for his recent comments.

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