Meghan McCain – A tolerant conservative?

Meghan is lovely.
I would let this girl be my sugar momma.

She might be leaving Twitter.
I don’t twit, so no loss for me.

Here is an interview she did with Stephen Colbert.

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Meghan McCain
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Lets see if this works.
Nope, didn’t work.

But here’s an article by Meghan about some scandal.
I’m fairly certain it isn’t guys making a fuss about a little cleavage.
By “little” I mean “rather impressive” – not the point, though.

And ok, I had to check out some of Meghan’s tweets.
“I would like to thank CNN for running a special segment on my twitphoto drama, you guys are #3 in the ratings for a reason”
You guys are #3 for a reason!
I’m sure that was a straight up compliment.
I chuckled a little, regardless.

Meghan on Twitter:

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