Joe needs attention; Jealous of Snowe?

Today we find out that Joe Lieberman wants more attention, saying he will support a filibuster.

I’m glad that Harry Reid doesn’t seem worried, but I really don’t like Lieberman.
In fact, he may be my least favorite democrat of all time.
Yup, I’m certain of it.

Huffington Post has a ranking of Lieberman’s 15 worst moments.
Any single one is a doozy, but 15 makes a horrible career.
History won’t be kind.

In the short term though, Joe will get a lot more attention I’m sure.
I’ll take a republican or anyone else over another term with Lieberman.
Vote him out.
Media Matters has collected the reporting on Joe’s traitorous declaration, with only a couple media outlets correcting Joe’s lies about health care.

It would be nice if media was a bit more proactive when it comes to correctly EASILY IDENTIFIABLE LIES.

What makes me ill is that the fate of health reform might boil down to Joe Lieberman.
Things like this make me think we need to make some changes to how our government works.
Don’t ask me how – ask someone smarter than me.

The obstruction party of 2009 has shown us what happens when one party packs it in.
Nothing gets done, outside the stimulus, thank science for that one.

If any smarty pants happen to read this before I go look up the answer…
Can Lieberman block reconciliation as well?
Is everything in that lying —hole’s hands?

UPDATE:  Apparently reconciliation is still on this table, in which case I hope our legislators put in a strong option.  Most of America feels the same (according to recent polls).

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