How much did health insurer’s spend to fight Obamacare?

100 million dollars.

does that explain to you dumb cons why you hate Obamacare?
because right wing propagandists (and fox “news”) have been bombarding you with lies, such as:

– “we can’t afford it”. WE PAY LESS WITH IT. We can’t afford not to pass it.
– “death panels”. Death panels is a lie from mccaughey and palin, claiming some kind of bureaucratic panel deciding when to kill grannie. In reality, death panels was a republican amendment that would have compensated doctors for end of life counseling and according to economists, it would have saved a lot of money.

I refer you to politifact’s health reform page for the full list of health reform related lies.
(don’t take politifact’s word for it – verify things yourself if something doesn’t smell right)

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