Hardball with Chris Matthews

I’m not a big fan of Chris Matthews, but I’ll watch every once in a while.

Watch this video.
But not all of it, I’ll describe some of it, then we’re going to count the BS spread by a republican interviewee, and Matthews sits there like a log.

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Chris and Haley Barbour, governor (R) of Mississippi spend time discussing Sarah Palin.
If we ever get stupid enough to elect Sarah Palin, we deserve our fate.

Barbour says of Palin
“She’s a lot brighter than she’s given credit for”
– I certainly hope so, but she shows zero intellect, other than the ability to just make $hit up.
“When it comes to energy policy she is very well-informed, very experienced.”
– What? Lol, is that a joke? Does this (R) smoke crack? She almost made a deal for a pipeline. That qualifies her as what exactly? Republicans have been repeating this BS for a year – that Palin knows energy. She’s another “drill baby drill” retard – that does not make her an energy expert.

The brightest thing that comes out of this (R) is when he hems and haws rather than state outright that Palin is qualified to be President when he’s asked.

Next, speaking of the President, Barbour mentions a poll stating that the majority like the president personally, but 40% like his policies.
Well guess what Barbour, 40-something percent voted against the guy, and 20% watch Fox and get stupider. Lets remember that the President is for the most part doing exactly what he said he’d do. He was very specific, with 500+ campaign promises. And he’s doing exactly that.
But its not a surprise that those who voted against the guy don’t like his policies.
And disheartening to think that some who voted for him were ignorant of his policies, or they are simply ignorant of what is happening now.

Next Barbour says “They don’t like this health care plan”.
Obama didn’t write the plan, genius.
And there are several bills.

“Its going to drive up the cost of health care”
What? This guy is outright stupid.
Mississippi must be a really stupid place, to elect him.
And Mathews just sits there being useless.
WTFG Chris.

Next the (R) goes into zombie talking point mode.
Piss off (R) Barbour.
You too, Mississippi – you can’t be that terrible of a place that this mentally deficient turd represents your best.

Update, November 24
This lazy pud lets another republican talking point ramble all over the place. Same BS talking points too. It was a pretty version of that idiot Ron Christie.
I may tune out permanently from this garbage. Get your crap together, Matthews.

Nevermind, it looks like Matthews had this one in hand.
Five minutes after I edited this post, he sarcastically stated that he brings republicans on to remind liberals what a republican looks like. I can appreciate that.

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