Gift Ideas

Unlike most gift ideas list, this one is solely about me.
This list does not aim to be helpful.

First few are Xbox 360 games, then some books I’m interested in.

– Dragon Age: Origins
– Fifa Soccer 10
– Halo 3: Odst
– Borderlands
– Brutal Legend

You are probably wondering, “Are those in order of preference?”

The answer is yes, they are in order.

The books are a couple by Paul Krugman
– Fuzzy Math
– Conscience of a Liberal

And this one about Luck,  “Luck Factor”, by Richard Wiseman

The links are all science stuff or plant stuff or photography stuff.


Below are crystal growing kits and other neat stuff.

The basic idea is something that is relatively easy and that grows.
Things I can photograph and timelapse.

Some other things caught my eye.
A grow window. I would like to try that out, though I might be able to find something cheaper at home depot.
Dehydrated Plastic
Dinosaur Plant
Germination Kit – similar to the grow window it looks like, but cheaper.

Hey ShakeYourPixels, have you seen one of these?
Photo Studio

Or the larger version:

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