Fable 2

Busy working hard playing Fable 2 today.

[amazonify]B000FRVAD4:right[/amazonify]It is similar to the original, but prettier.
And there are more options – you can purchase any building it seems.

I spent some time earlier as a blacksmith, and earned enough to buy a building, which I’ve since rented out.
Every five minute I get 43 gold.
May not be much, but I plan to take the game slowly and apparently the money accrues while I’m not playing.

So far the game hasn’t shown any problems – unlike the first time I bought the game, where it crashed after 20 minutes.

Developer’s site is here:

And wikipedia page:

After a day of play, I’m a skilled bartender, woodcutter and blacksmith.
I own a dozen houses and a bar.
Not knowing how long the campaign is, I don’t want to cut it short if I’m anywhere near the end.
That seems unlikely, as I’ve only seen one face-in-a-wall so far.

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