do petitions work?

It appears that they do.
let me quote a couple from their email newsletter that I remember clicking to “sign”.

Honor student Diane Tran gets a clean record.
Diane Tran is a 17-year-old who works two jobs to support herself and her siblings since her parents moved away — and she was thrown in jail for a night because she was exhausted and missed school. But after a few days and more than 100,000 signatures supporting her on a petition on started by Samuel Oh, the judge in Diane’s case dropped all charges against her.

Safeway employee who was suspended for defending a pregnant woman comes back to work.
Ryan Young was working at Safeway when he saw a customer beating up his pregnant girlfriend — Ryan jumped in to defend the pregnant woman and was hailed as a hero by local police, but Safeway suspended him without pay to “investigate the altercation.” 185,000 people signed on to a petition on started by Douglas Castro, a security guard who shopped at Ryan’s Safeway, and now Ryan Young is back on the job, ready to support his wife, who is also about to have a baby.

few more.
– A student at UC Davis who has a tumor will get the radiation therapy she needs after her insurance company had refused to pay for it.
– After True Religion Jeans broke its promise to go fur free, a petition got them to stick to their word and stop selling fur.
– Sotheby’s gave a fair contract to their union art handlers after an art blogger got a bunch of prominent artists to support their petition.

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