Conservative Propaganda –

No doubt this is another newsmax site.

Check out their poll questions.

1. More than three years after the $700 billion dollar stimulus, unemployment and foreclosures are still at record highs. Is President Barack Obama most to blame for the lack of economic recovery?

The highlighted portion is false.
Not True.

3. President Obama’s proposed 2011 budget spends $3.73 trillion on infrastructure, high speed rail projects and other stimulus programs. Do you feel this will stimulate the economy and get American’s back to work?

The highlighted portion is LAUGHABLY false.
The ENTIRE BUDGET is 3.7 trillion.

After completing their entirely fake “survey”, you are immediately forwarded to a website with the famous scam layout (single very long page).

One thought on “Conservative Propaganda –

  1. Why will the present President of Americanot do what foremr Presidents,Hoover, Truman and Eisenhowerdid to help the American People get job.Hoover, Ordered all Ellega deported so as creat jobs for the americas.Truman, deported two Million Illegal’s afterWW11 to creat jobs for the returning Veterans.Eisenhower, Deported 1.3 Million mexicansnationals so WWii and Korean Vet. could have a better chace of getting jobs.JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY OUR FORMER PRESDENTS DON’T HAVE THE GUTS TO DO SO.

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