Carolina jasmine

This is my 2nd plant to flower.
And unlike the paperwhite narcissus – I really like this smell.

I have this plant blockaded so that the cat cannot eat it – its poisonous.

The flower snuck up on me, or I’d have done a time-lapse video of it opening.
I expect it to flower further, so maybe I’ll get that done.

carolina jasmine

Update: the bloom on this thing fell off after 3 days.
So far none of the plants I’ve kept alive are going to win my favorite plant contest.

And hydroponics…sigh.
PH balancing I’m not a big fan of.
I’ve heard that plants can grow 2-3 times as fast with hydroponics.

Now I’ve got to find a plant thats worth all the hassle.
At this point I’ve been balancing a couple times each day for the blueberries.
And that is more trouble than a pet.
Course, I can’t eat the cat as I will be able to with the berries.

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