Baggers, a redefintion

Typically, when someone is called a “bagger” (tea bagger), that means they are not so intelligent.
It means they likely believe wrongly that their income taxes have increased under this president, that this president was not born in america, that the democrats “massive spending” led to this deficit, and a slew of other factually incorrect ideas.

I now use the term bagger to include propagandists.
That could be paid propagandists.
That could be Fox viewers.

So baggers means incompetence. It means ignorance. It means deceit.

Here’s an example:

…and now for some possible truth behind why Obama wants Holder to look into the price drop. GE Oil and Gas since Nov has acquired several companies since last Nov, one is Wellstream Holdings Plc, an off shore oil service provider focused on Brazil.

Moreover, we all know Obama just gave Brazil $2 billion blahblah blah blah.

I highlighted where I stopped reading.

We gave a LOAN.
This bagger represents that as a gift.
And I’m sure if you’ve ever taken out a loan – you know its far from a gift.

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