This is water absorbing “Deco Beads”, with a couple of hyacinth bulbs.

I have my Olympus C-770 digital camera (its a few years old) hooked up to the computer, taking 1 picture every 60 seconds.

If those bulbs sprout, it might look cool.
If they don’t, it’ll be a lot of me refilling the glasses with water.

And all of those pictures look the same, but I was messing with the exposure settings.
In the end, I went with the final example in the gallery and I’ll post a youtube video of the first 24 hours tomorrow.
I bet there is zero movement and I’ll have collected 1,440 images of the exact same thing.
Maybe with slight difference in water levels as it evaporates.

I just read that I might be doing this wrong.
Apparently, I’m supposed to keep them away from light for 4 to 8 weeks.

In which case, this series will continue in a month as these bulbs just hit the water last night.

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