Are we ok with unrepresented taxes now?

Or is it only ok because its corporations who are taxing us?

“Therefore, if today’s oil markets were based on supply and demand fundamentals, drivers would be paying about a dollar-and-a-half less per gallon, or around $20 less each time they fill up their gas tanks.”

In other words speculators (hedge funds, banks, oil producers like the Kochs) get a buck fifty for every gallon you purchase.

If you drive 10,000 miles at 25 mpg, that equals 400 gallons.
400 x $1.50 = $600

25,000 miles per year at 25 mpg?

If you have an older car or a truck?
It gets ugly quick.

at 15 mpg, assuming you only drive 10,000 miles = $1,000

Again – you did not elect the speculators.
Your speculator money is not going to a noble cause.

Instead we have propagandists for those same speculators trying to blame the president for high gas prices.

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