MLB winners for 9/30 games

Judging from yesterday’s results, don’t use my picks. September 30 Games: Chicago over Pittsburgh Mets over Washington Phillies over Houston Atlanta over Florida Cincinnati over […]

Chris Matthews on Ellen

March 2009 Ellen Explains the dance. Ellen invited Chris back on the show in November, and here are some clips as she prepares for his […]

US Chamber of Commerce loses Exelon

Exelon is the largest electric utility in the United States, and they have apparently chosen not to renew their membership in the chamber due to […]

Useful WordPress Plugins

I recommend some of these: Log into your dashboard On the left, click plugins. On the left again, under plugins click “add new” Then search […]

Jim Kramer on The Daily Show

Jon Stewart of The Daily Show consistently conducts good interviews. The following is the leadup to his interview with Jim Kramer. March 4, 2009 The […]

MLB winners for 9/29 games

I will be picking winners, to tally up in a week when the season ends Image comes from: September 29 Games: Phillies over Houston […]


I was introduced to the term “astroturfing” this summer, as it relates to politics. Astroturfing is fake grassroots. Quoting wikipedia, “The term (grassroots) implies that […]

Oakland A’s Offseason

Oakland A’s, 2009 Offseason Do nothing. C – Kurt Suzuki / Landon Powell Suzuki is above average all around. Powell shows good pop. Prediction (combined): […]