Is it safe to eat produce from Safeway?

The last time I bought strawberries, they were molding after 1 day (in the fridge).

Recently I bought some carrots (pre-peeled), and some of the carrots are rotting already.

Its hard to find tomatoes grown in the US at safeway.
And even though we’re not far from the “garlic capital of the world”, safeway stocks only chinese garlic powder.

Insane Zimmerman apologists

Evidence: bloody/broken nose

that’s all.
nothing else.

and from that evidence, nutjobs take these things as fact:
– trayvon attacked zimmerman
– trayvon wasn’t scared
– trayvon wasn’t defending himself
– it doesn’t matter than zimmerman instigated the encounter because “its legal to follow someone”.

Nutjobs also ignore Jenteal’s testimony, or anything outside of the killer’s testimony (which is fact, to these brainless tools)

Yahoo! supporting fascism

Yahoo! Finance has a poll today.

The IRS targeted Tea Party groups. What do you think should happen to the agency?
Abolish it now (10193) 34%
Clean out the rotten apples (5706) 19%
Restructure the agency (7231) 24%
Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill (6576) 23%

The IRS did NOT target Tea Party groups.
But Yahoo! is using that right wing lie in order to push a right wing narrative.

No taxes and we become somalia, idiots.
Yahoo! should be shut down, until it can act responsibly.

Long term right wing bullshit

I’m sometimes amazed at the right wing bullshit that manages to last in the right wing bubble for many years.

– birther nonsense
– false ‘obama apologized for america narrative’
– the socialism lie began by bill sammon of fox fake news
– ‘obama tripled the deficit’, also a fox fake news speciality. in reality the deficit has been cut in half.

those have lasted 4+ years.

– the false ‘al gore said he invented the internet’ narrative promoted by fox fake news.

more than a decade on that one.

there’s plenty of jimmy carter based right wing bullshit too.
and of course, there’s even FDR based right wing bullshit

End Walmart

How much harm does walmart do to the United States?

A single walmart can cost approximately 1 to 2 middle dollars per year.

As of March 2012, 3,029 super centers were active in the US.
up to $6 billion per year.
almost as costly as the huge handouts to big oil every year.

and that’s just the super centers.
throw in the other walmart locations and all those low-wage workers and the total subsidies walmart gets from the taxpayer likely exceeds federal subsidies for the ENTIRE OIL INDUSTRY.