Nearly all of the national debt is the result of policies signed into law by Republican presidents.

The calculation behind this number is shown on this page.

I’ve explained my own calculations previously, coming to the same conclusion.  Although it looks like that post may have been eaten in the switch to a new web server.

Short answer:

$1 trillion in debt prior to reagan
$0 debt added from clinton policies
roughly $200 billion from obama policies

Even if you wrongly claim all debt prior to reagan was (D) policy, that means (D)’s are at 1.2 trillion of the 18 trillion in debt, or 6.67% of the total debt.

Leaving (R)’s total at a minimum of 93%+.

About Gun Nuts

gun nuts:
– think 30,000 gun deaths per year is not a problem worth trying to solve, no matter what the solution is.
– think they are in a militia by virtue of having a gun, regardless of what militia meant at the time of the bill of rights
– use NRA propaganda to justify their idiocy, without thought.
– think any attempts to solve the problem of gun deaths is an attempt to take away their guns
– equate guns with freedom, while ignoring the freedom taken from the victims of gun violence
– pretend all gun suicides would happen with or without easy access to guns (@19,000 gun suicides per year)
– think that any method to reduce gun thefts harms their “freedom”
– think smart guns are bad, hurts their “freedom”
– parrot a discredited study by lott.  yay stupidity
– think that more guns = less gun violence, ignoring all statistics showing the exact opposite.
– think that one of the 3 commas in the 2nd amendment is a magic comma, so they can ignore the first half of the 2nd amendment.
– many gun nuts consider themselves “pro-life”, while ignoring the thousands of gun victims every year, who have life taken from them.
– many are so dumb, they think the fascist koch brothers are on their “team”.

In short, gun nuts are extremely mentally challenged – dumber than your standard conservative idiot that votes against himself based on right wing lies; which is already dumb as fuck.