Is the media in the bag for conservative stupidity?

Nearly everyone in the media for the past five years has helped republicans blame obama for the deficit that republicans built.

A relevant FACT is that the deficit was 1.2 trillion before President Obama took office.

Yet the common conversation about the deficit until the last year even on MSNBC went something like this:

(R) stooge: “goverment has a spending problem. And its Obama’s fault”

“liberal” media: “but what would you cut?”

Do you see how the “liberal” media enables the republican deficit lie, in that example?

Below is a chart from the Treasury showing changes in the deficit since Clinton’s surplus.

Of course, why am I talking about the deficit?
Republicans stopped talking about it when they could be reminded that the deficit has shrunk under Obama at the fastest rate since the end of WW2.

Further examples of conservative stupidity regarding the deficit

We all know cons like to claim they are “fiscally responsible”.
Why then, does EVERY policy they support make the deficit grow?
Why do they oppose EVERY policy that would reduce the deficit?


Republicans added 20 billion to the deficit with their pointless shutdown, in a pathetic attempt to deny americans health care.

Economists have pointed out time and time again that GROWTH should be the main focus, rather than attempt to fix the republican’s deficit while the economy is weak. And yes, I know (R)’s like to say they like “pro-growth” policies. Examples include the stimulus (which was bi-partisan in comparison to everything else, with 3 republican votes), a small business lending bill, veteran’s jobs bills, the american jobs act, infrastructure repairs – and that’s far from comprehensive.

Republicans continue to chase tax cuts for the wealthy, as if its remotely a good idea. The cost of the bush tax cuts including interest on the debt? over 3 TRILLION. Do republicans demand trade-offs to pay for these tax cuts? of course not.

In the fiscal cliff deal, Republicans sought and won the end of the payroll tax cut, which helped everyone who earned their pay through labor (not investing). A pro-growth policy that republicans killed.

Republicans aren’t serious. They lie to slow-minded conservatives all the fucking time.