Do you have stupid (conservative) friends? Are they really stupid, or just lazy?

I am always amazed when one of my former friends parrots the stupidity they hear on fox fake news, or claims to be a “fiscal conservative” (as if that was a good moniker), or pretends global warming is a hoax.

I admit, before I started fact-checking the stupid crap coming from the right – I fell for some of it too.
That was before I cared.

So wouldn’t the answer be to simply spread knowledge amongst the idiot conservatives?
You would think.
But conservatives are generally offended by knowledge, as it conflicts when their deeply programmed beliefs (like “tax cuts are free”, lol), so its a struggle.

Conservatives are the anti-reality movement.

Republicans prefer the progressive plan, as long as its not labeled Democratic, Liberal or Progressive.

In another blatant show of (R)’s blindly playing follow the nutbag, we find that (R)’s don’t support the BULLSHIT sequester cuts – Republican voters favor the PROGRESSIVE PLAN for reducing the deficit that republican lawmakers built prior to 2006.

The poll found that in addition to beating the House Republican plan and the Senate Democrat’s plan overall, “more than half of respondents supported [the Balancing Act] compared to sequestration and [only] a fifth of respondents were opposed.”

Moreover and “shockingly,” a full 47 percent of Republicans preferred the House Progressive plan to the across the board cuts pushed by their party leaders in Washington. According to the Insider, “This means that Republicans supported the House Progressive plan just as much as they supported their own party’s plan.”

To describe the poll’s approach, the Insider explains: “Surveys have found that asking people about just titles of plans or telling people who proposed policy, changes the results, so the point of this poll was to see what people thought of the plans when they were fully explained, but also stripped of partisan labels.”

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