Debunking of the right-wing propaganda lie that Obama “tripled the deficit”.

These are deficit numbers from FY2009 – FY2013
The deficit has gone down dramatically – a faster reduction than any time (in nominal or adjusted dollars) in United States history, in sharp contrast to the right wing lie that Obama tripled the deficit.

FY2009 $1413 Billion Deficit (1.2 trillion, or 85% of this deficit is Bush)
FY2010 $1294 Billion Deficit
FY2011 $1299 Billion Deficit
FY2012 $1100 Billion Deficit

FY2012 just ended at 1.1 trillion.
Obama has reduced the deficit by $313 Billion in 4 years, or $409 Billiion inflation adjusted.

Clinton’s first four years the deficit was reduced by $181 Billion, or $283 Billion inflation adjusted
Clinton’s second four years, we saw surpluses, ending at $236.4, an increase of $258.4 billion, or $346 Billion inflation adjusted.

Obama’s deficit reduction is even faster than Clinton’s, no matter which four years of Clinton you look at.
And the deficit is projected to be $609 in 4 years.

That would be a total yearly deficit reduction of more than $800 Billion, which beats clinton’s @ $400 billion (nominal, not inflation adjusted)

The costs of ignoring climate change

1. Natural Disasters
Hurricane Sandy is going to cost 70 billion.
That is 140x the amount loaned to Solyndra, which was a one-time cost (and was built into the 2005 legislation).

2. Food Costs
Food will continue to be more difficult to grow, as temperatures keep increasing.

3. Think of the children
The republican created deficit is not a good reason to avoid doing something about climate change.
The kids ability to grow food trumps the (R) deficit.
Aside from that, a carbon tax program would REDUCE THAT DEFICIT, FFS.

And who is it that benefits, if we allow our lawmakers to deny science?
BIG OIL ALONE – but even big oil needs customers, and they’ll have fewer as we have trouble supporting our population.


Unfortunately, we cannot shoot this enemy.
Ignorance and purchased politicians are the biggest threats this country (and the world) faces.



1. Solar demand is growing just about everywhere.
2. Solar prices are dropping.
3. Solar is getting more efficient.
4. Solar stocks are at very low prices.
5. Oil is FINITE
6. Burning Oil is not good for the planet
7. Coal is FINITE
8. Burning Coan is not good for the planet
9. Natural gas is FINITE
10. Burning Natural Gas is not good for the planet

Assuming you share the planet with me, you should agree that we should stop doing things that are bad for the planet – our home.
This should apply pressure to reduce fossil fuel usage and increase clean energy tech.

If you are employed at a fossil fuel company, you should want to transition to clean tech not only to avoid damaging your home (idiots), but to prepare for the times when fossil fuels are no longer retrievable. Unless you could devise a way to suck carbon out of the air.
More pressure to change to clean tech.

Now, regarding solar investments.
Solar stocks are trading near all time lows, even as most of the market has rebounded – and solar has grown FASTER than the market.
Its clean fossil fuel interests are shorting solar stocks.
Is this not the PERFECT time to invest in solar?
There will be some losers – there will be companies that fail.
SPWR and FSLR should be targets.

Audiobooks, and how to avoid amazon

I despise amazon for their involvement in ALEC and our politics (and apparently poor working conditions and wages at their warehouses).

They are of course, one of the biggest providers of audiobooks and electronic books.

Avoid them by avoiding their own site, and and

Alternatives include iTunes, but do NOT buy ebooks from them if you use a PC.
You won’t be able to read the book you purchased.

Other alternatives for audiobooks are Barnes and Noble, and Random House Audio.

I will simply never give Amazon money, again.
Let them rot.