Republicans waste millions – 1/10th of Solyndra’s loan – for no good reason.

the two weeks spent fruitlessly trying to repeal the ACA has cost taxpayers approximately $48 million.

1/10th of what went to solyndra (but solyndra’s didn’t cost the tax payers anything extra as that cost was built into the original legislation).

For no good reason – purely symbolic garbage.
A waste of time.

What else have republicans done since 2010?
They certainly haven’t done anything to create jobs (which is how they got elected – lying about jobs)

Conservative Mental Patients that think they don’t approve of “Obama’s Polcies”

What you idiots don’t approve is NOT obama’s policies.
What you idiots don’t approve of is what you’ve been TOLD BY RIGHT-WING MEDIA.
What you idiots don’t approve of us republican policy and its affects.
90% of our debt is republican policy.
Iraq and Afghanistan are republican started wars.
ALL jobs lost under Obama were the result of the recession which began more than a year before he was elected.

when a fucking dipshit tells you they don’t like Obama’s policies, ask them WHICH.
99% chance they name a republican policy.
stupid fucking cons.

If a con tells you they don’t like the stimulus, they are being retarded.
Our UE would be over 11% without it (nobody would be better off).

If a con doesn’t like Obama’s energy policies, remind them that Obama hasn’t signed any energy legislation.

“i don’t like obama’s policies neither his style of gov’ment(i thing he’s too liberal).”

that is the most specific any google results get after 20 results.
“he’s too liberal.” (while he governs from the center, keep in mind)

Why are dumb cons never specific?
Two reasons.
– They are lazy (don’t know anything)
– They want to hate the president (based on lies and rhetoric), but don’t want to admit its for racial reasons or because they’ve been deceived.

When a conservative claims they “don’t like obama’s policies”, ask them which policy.
chances are they name a republican policy, if they can name a policy at all.
its a damned smokescreen because they want to say they have a substantial reason for disliking the president.

Are conservatives my enemy?

In my view, these are the most important issues facing the country.

1. campaign finance
2. energy independence
3. climate change
4. debt

Campaign Finance Reform.
This is desperately needed, thanks to the right-wing supreme court. Multi-national or even foreign corporations can now donate unlimited amounts of money to influence our elections.
Conservatives I’ve spoken with like the fact that billionaires have a bigger voice than the average American, oddly enough.
In this case, conservatives stand in the way.
They are my enemy.

Energy Independence.
When a con talks about energy independence, they appear to be talking about “drilling america”. Do any of you retarded cons understand that even if the oil is drilled here, its a global commodity? Cons stand in the way of their own policy here (cap and trade).
Again, they are my enemy.

Climate Change.
Cons constantly lick the ass of the oil industry. They like to pretend climate change is a hoax / scam, because they are paid to do so by oil interests.
A 3rd affirmative – conservatives are my enemy.

This is not that big of a deal, honestly.
Returning to 1960’s tax rates on our rich and corporations would resolve the entire debt in a decade.
Conservative views on debt are simply ridiculous.
For example, the thought that tax cuts are free, lol. (reducing revenue doesn’t affect the bottom line in this stupid theory).
They watch republicans built the debt, and then get pissy at the democrats trying to clean up the mess.
Conservatives are simply dumb.

Explaining the NWO freaks

I’m sure if you spend much time online, you’ve noticed the NWO freaks.
Complaining about the illuminatti or the NWO.

Who are they?
Generally conservative, stupid, and prone to believing conspiracy theories (because life isn’t exciting enough?)

Why do they believe that garbage?
They’ve been indoctrinated by right-wing clowns like alex jones – who tries to slander one group of rich people, while pretending the Koch’s and the crazy right-wing billionaires that are ACTUALLY BUYING OUR GOVERNMENT are good guys.

Why is it amusing?
These idiots are so stupid they ignore the reality, which is already incredible enough (if you pay attention to it), in order to spend time frothing at the mouth about some looney person’s fantasies. All the while they vote against themselves and the country – and pretend to be patriotic.

Study: Scientology is bad for your brain

Obviously, a scientologist’s brain isn’t in good shape to begin with, considering this “religion” was created by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard in 1952.
Scientology – South Park Style

Vezi mai multe video din animatie

Mormons look spiritual in comparison – their religion beginning in the 1820’s by a philandering drunk.

A new study by the Massachusetts Institute of Harmonology explains that of 1,200 scientologists, 77% experienced a drop of 4 points in IQ after just 2 years of heavy scientology indoctrination.

Katie left Tom Cruise, to save their young child from stupidity.

Debunking Romney’s “Plan for jobs and economic growth”

Like Romney’s stump speech, his economic plan is FULL OF LIES.

Page 1

“Believe in america”

no problems here. its silly crap, though.

“Mitt Romney’s Plan for Jobs and Economic Growth”

lol. I’ll explain the laughter later.


A pile of nonspecific garbage.

Introduction letter from Mitt Romney

“Back in the beginning of 2009 we were told by the incoming
Obama administration that a massive federal spending package would keep
the unemployment rate from rising above 8 percent”

That is a LIE, Mitt.
His entire first paragraph is based on you believing that lie.

“We can count here the binge of borrowing
and spending that set off worldwide alarms about the creditworthiness of
the United States and led to Standard & Poor’s unprecedented downgrade of
our nation’s sovereign credit rating”

This is two lies in one. The vast majority of the “spending” is republican policy, not Obama policy.
And the tea party downgrade was forced by republicans – in addition to being needed to pay for (R) policy.

“Washington has become an impediment
to economic growth.”

This is stupid.
Remove the 4 million jobs from the stimulus and we’re up around 11% unemployment.
Mitt is lying or stupid.
His entire pathetic introduction is simply repeating fox “news” trash.

5 Bills for day one

The American Competitiveness Act
Reduces the corporate income tax rate to 25 percent

Because with corporations sitting on trillions of dollars, giving them more money makes sense? This INCREASES the deficit, idiot Romney.

The Open Markets Act
Implements the Colombia, Panama, and South Korea Free Trade Agreements

More free trade?

The Domestic Energy Act
Directs the Department of the Interior to undertake a comprehensive survey
of American energy reserves in partnership with exploration companies and
initiates leasing in all areas currently approved for exploration

drill baby drill? no thanks. its time to go renewable, before the south is unlivable and the north becomes the south (temperature-wise)

The Retraining Reform Act
Consolidates the sprawl of federal retraining programs and returns funding and
responsibility for these programs to the states

Sounds like a loss of jobs to me.

The Down Payment on Fiscal Sanity Act
Immediately cuts non-security discretionary spending by 5 percent, reducing
the annual federal budget by $20 billion

Big loss of jobs.

On day one, mitt would grow the deficit (not offset by his cuts) and cut jobs.

An Order to Pave the Way to End Obamacare

because the slowing health care costs NEED TO GROW FASTER!!!

An Order to Cut Red Tape

because too many regulations caused the financial crisis, you silly F*ck?

An Order to Boost Domestic Energy Production

more drill baby BS

An Order to Sanction China for Unfair Trade Practices

Is that all Mitt? you toothless bitch.

An Order to Empower American Businesses and Workers

This is a union-busting order.

The next 20 pages are simple fox news talking points (lies).
I may go into more detail later.

With a second wind, I’ll continue – look at the charts mitt uses to make his case.

This chart wants you to believe:
– 19,000 jobs lost by the temporary moratorium in the gulf after the spill, despite no evidence of that.
– 131,000 “jobs potential” from XL pipe, which will create no more than 5,000 temporary jobs
– and some 8 million jobs are threatened by clean air regulations, lol.

This chart wants you to think that we have a high corporate tax rate, but in REALITY after loopholes we have just about the lowest real corporate tax rate. This chart is complete BS.

This lying chart takes an economic projection from Dec/Jan 2009 and tries to claim the stimulus didn’t work based on that. The trouble for lying mitt (aside from basing his chart on a projection)? The bush recession was much bigger than anyone thought. The stimulus did create millions of jobs, and that bends the curve DOWN regardless of how much he wants you to believe otherwise. A revised chart from the CBO says that unemployment would have topped 11% without the stimulus.

This lying chart puts the jobs lost from the bush recession into Obama’s column.
And if you count from the peak of the bush recession (when unemployment began dropping), we’ve gained more than 4 MILLION private sector jobs.
As is common for spinning cons, romney wants to blame obama for the bush recession

Yet another chart trying to blame obama for the bush recession

This lying chart relies on you believe a Koch-funded fake study.
its 100% lies.

Another lying chart. Obama’s TOTAL is 1.4 trillion.
This is mitt trying to blame obama for bush policies that haven’t ended (thanks (R)’s in congress).