Jim Demint is a pile of lying shit

Demint spent his interview whining about “spending”.

Lets examine his record, compared to Obama’s.
Obama we know, has added approximately 1.25 trillion dollars to the debt.
Much of that was the stimulus.
In total, Obama’s policies are 20% of the debt added during his presidency.

The rest is the recessions under bush, the bush tax cuts, the bush ware and the bush medicare expansion (none of that paid for).

Demint himself was not in office for the major deficit builders under bush, but the deficit remains vastly republican-created.
This pile of poop Demint trying to blame democrats is simply deceptive bullcrap.



Rick Santorum has made a habit of crazy statements.
He’s a republican – what else is new.

He recently said:

SANTORUM: Am I going to go after Mitt Romney on Romneycare? You bet I will, because it was the basis for Obamacare. Why? Because it’s top-down, government-run medicine. Does the state of Massachusetts have the right to do it, as you said? Yes they do, states have the right to do that. That doesn’t make it the right thing to do. I’m going to go out and piece by piece talk about how his approach is wrong, how it will destroy this country to have someone up against, who is not going to be willing to take on Obamacare, and has a track record of supporting that kind of statist government.

How accurate is Santorum?

“Because it’s top-down, government-run medicine.”

“Yes they do, states have the right to do that. That doesn’t make it the right thing to do.”
What makes it “the right thing to do” is more people being insured and living longer, healthier lives.
That and Obamacare extending medicare solvency by 12 years.
And that Obamacare lowers the deficit (last year’s HUGE CONCERN from the right, before they took the house).

“how it will destroy this country”
HAHAHAHA, republicans are all nutty drama queens.

Washington Times and their Obama Derangement Syndrome

Scan through the list of misleading articles mediamatters counts from washington times.

Kuhner: Obama’s Tucson Memorial Address “Was A Surreal Spectacle In Narcissistic Self-Congratulation” That “Dishonored The Victims.”
(this was a speech that even many conservatives appreciated)

Wash. Times: Bin Laden “Outmaneuvered” Obama With Taped Message.
(OBL dead – but wash times claims OBL won, lol)

how freaking stupid do you have to be to NOT BE ABLE TO TELL THESE GUYS ARE LYING?
No wonder republicans get votes despite doing everything they can to make life harder on everyone.