Ron Paul-onomics

Paul Krugman discusses the economics of GOP candidate Ron Paul.

Now, it’s still very unlikely that Ron Paul will become president. But, as I said, his economic doctrine has, in effect, become the official G.O.P. line, despite having been proved utterly wrong by events. And what will happen if that doctrine actually ends up being put into action? Great Depression, here we come.

The republican lie taking credit for Clinton’s surpluses

ThinkProgress has explored Newt Gingrich’s claim that he was involved in 4 balanced budgets.

“If you look at my record, the only Speaker in your lifetime to get to four balanced budgets,”
Newt Gingrich

ThinkProgress writes:

However, this talking point is much more fiction than fact. For starters, as USA Today noted, “Gingrich was in office for only two of those budget years (fiscal 1998 and 1999). But he continues to claim credit for two balanced budgets that were passed after he left office (fiscal 2000 and 2001).” Furthermore, as Citizens for Tax Justice’s Bob McIntyre wrote, it was actually the 1993 budget, which all Republicans opposed, that laid the groundwork for the balanced budgets that occurred under President Bill Clinton:


“Center for American Progress Director for Tax and Budget Policy Michael Linden has actually found that legislation passed by Gingrich’s House Republicans made the budget picture worse in the 90s, not better. “Gingrich and his Republican Congress had nothing at all to do with balancing the budget in 1998. In fact, the net effect of their efforts was to make the fiscal situation slightly worse,” Linden noted. “

My people

Republicans, such as Karl Rove have questioned the right of the Occupy wall street movement to call themselves the 99%.

Note to Karl: Its basic math

Mathematically, the 99% have been getting screwed slowly over the course of decades.
While the financial industry has grown to be 30% of our GDP.
While our richest got massive tax breaks and loopholes.
While income has stagnated for workers.

The 99% is my people.
And mathematically, they are very likely your people as well.

He might be in the 1%, which says a lot about how fucked up our system is – that a weasel like Rove is well rewarded for his deceit.