The “Gingrich is an intellectual” Myth

I hear this crap ALL THE TIME.
That newt gingrich is an intellectual.
Even on “Liberal” media.

Lets explore that.

– Gingrich led the republicans shutdown in the 90’s, costing taxpayers millions.
– doesn’t care about the environment – without which we’d have no place to live
– doesn’t care about scientists findings
– doesn’t care about economists knowledge
– advocates the absolute worst position possible (like every fucking stupid conservative) in every situation.

What, conservatives, has Gingrich said or done to make you think he’s “intellectual”.
He looks dumb as a pile of shit to me.

Conservatives – BY DEFINITION – do not HAVE any intellectuals.

How much did the bush tax cuts cost?

2.5 trillion dollars.

roughly 4 times the stimulus cost (after accounting for the additional tax revenue generated), which created more than 3 million jobs.

What could we have done with 2.5 trillion dollars?
Think progress offers this:

The tradeoffs paint a stark picture. For the same price as the Bush tax cuts, which did little to help the economy, we could’ve sent tens of millions of students to college, retrofitted every household in America with the capacity to generate alternative energy, hired millions of firefighters and police officers, effectively ended our national shame of having kids who lack health care coverage, or put millions of more teachers into classrooms. But instead, Congress passed budget-breaking tax cuts, and then went on to pass even more in 2003. In 2010, Congress then went on to renew the Bush tax cuts for an additional two years, and the political will for the sort of public investments listed above appears to have dried up.

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