An Ode to American Conservatives

You are ____ing stupid.

if you think your taxes have gone up, when they’ve gone down – you’re ____ing stupid
if you blame the republican deficit on the democrats – you’re ____ing stupid
if you think the president was born in another country – you’re ____ing stupid
if you think “we can’t afford health reform”, when we pay less with it – you’re ____ing stupid
if you aren’t concerned about the environment – you’re ____ing stupid
if you whine about unemployment while supporting republicans – you’re ____ing stupid
if you think expanding drilling domestically will lower the cost of gas – you’re ____ing stupid
if you are a small business owner supporting republicans – you’re ____ing stupid
if you are a shareholder of a large corporation and you support republicans, you’re ____ing stupid
if you think Fox News is a news network, you’re ____ing stupid
if you “don’t believe in” evolution, you’re ____ing stupid
if you think cutting jobs will help unemployment numbers and the economy, you’re ____ing stupid.
if you think tax cuts lead to more jobs than stimulative spending, you’re ____ing stupid.
If you think the economy would be doing better without the millions of stimulus jobs, you’re ____ing stupid.
– After 30 years of conservative failure (shrinking middle class, huge income gap, increasing deficits) if you still call yourself a conservative, you’re ____ing stupid.

You ____ing stupid baggers.

No more Bank of America

My account is closed.
Feels good.

And I don’t support comcast.

But unfortunately, I’m giving ATT my money currently for internet.
That may be changing soon enough, though.

ATT supports the tea party (koch brother funded, based on lies – these are republicans ashamed to call themselves republicans and too stupid to know they fight for big pollution)

UPDATE: Those f-ing baggers charged me a final $3 fee, lol.
Incredible. I’ll never give these guys money again.