Fight the crazy

Jon Stewart has announced his “restoring sanity” rally in washington DC on october 30.

“Fight the crazy” – I do believe that is a term that I coined.
And its catching on.

In this case, “the crazy” is the tea party.

Michelle Bachman
Sarah Palin
Jim Demint
Dick Armey

And funded by the anti-democracy Koch Brothers.

The sad part is that this tea party “movement” is sucking up well-meaning stupid people, who are apparently willing to try healing america’s wounds with a butcher knife (voting republican).

Official rally website can be found here

This is a video of the Daily Show following the 9/11 attacks.
There’s been a running dialog at one of the websites I frequent, about the origins of the sanity rally.
It appears many credit this show as a turning point for Stewart and the Daily Show.

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