How stupid are republicans? Lets count the ways.

Don’t expect a comprehensive list.

A Harris recent poll says that a majority of republicans believe:

– Obama is a socialist
– Wants to take your guns (nope, only criminals with assault weapons need worry)
– Is muslim (he’s christian)
– wants to surrender the US government to a one-world government (common libertarian fantasy)
– has done many unconstitutional things (he’s a constitutional law professor)


– 45% think Obama was not born in the US (45% of republicans are birthers)
– 42% think Obama is a racist
– 38% think he is doing many things Hitler did

More here:

A scary amount of America (the republican part) has been hijacked by the oil industry, Fox “news” and the right wing media. Its not entertainment.
People believe this crap.

Greenpeace: Koch big money behind climate change denial science

The Koch Industries (petroleum is in their umbrella) funded all the most well-known anti-climate change science in the last decade.

This is a very enlightening report, please scan over it.

The writeup at Huffington is here.

Green jobs cost jobs and money report from Spain?
Koch funded it.
It was a bunk report anyway – it blamed every job lost on the added green jobs, certainly not the only factor behind job loss in the entire economy of Spain.

2007 Polar Bear report?
Debunked widely and funded by Koch.

The owners are the Koch brothers, effectively tied for 19th richest man on the planet.

They also fund the americans for prosperity fake grassroots group, which works to stir up old folks to protest by lying about legislation. AFP is also behind two of the tea party groups, whose only purpose is to oppose obama.

A year ago during the summer town halls about health reform, we found out AFP, freedomworks were providing instructions designed to disrupt the town halls. We were also shown the impact of such trickery, with the fake brooks brothers riot.

My own summary of some of the fake grassrootery is here.

Maddow talks about the Brooks Brothers Riot here:

The real question is, can Koch be tied to right-wing media?
To Fox and Beck?
To Limpbaugh?

They certainly all seem to share one mind.

Here’s Maddow about the greenpeace report.

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Our vice president, Joe Biden has a reputation for being a gaffe-machine.

But his most recent effort, “This is a big fucking deal” whispered to the president at the signing of the health reform bill is very impressive for the setting. His remarks presumably meant to be private, have likely received more attention than the ceremony itself – but not much negative reaction that I’ve noticed.

People seem to like Biden a lot.

A beautiful mind

Grigory Perelman (or Grisha) is a russian math genius, who was the first person to solve one of the Millenium Prize Problems.

Grigory turned down a $1,000,000 prize previously, and is under pressure to accept another $1 million prize.
He’s previously said he’s got everything he wants and has no desire for fame or fortune.

Either way, he goes down in history as doing something that no one else was able to do.

This is a link to the proof of the Poincaré conjecture.
Pretty amazing if you ask me, but then I don’t understand much of what I read at that link.

Walk softly and carry a big gavel

Republicans are stalling, as expected – trying to exploit technicalities to delay the vote.

So far, california has contributed two real losers to this debate, including Mr. Issa and David Dreier.

Image from:×235104

Its also a good time to give some praise to the first woman speak of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

She’s been continually demon-ized by the right, either because she’s effective or simply because they see her as opposition. Both probably. One television show went as far as to say Pelosi is the most powerful woman in US history. That’d be a fun argument.

The House has more than 200 bills passed and waiting for action in the senate, where small states carry as much weight as big states and people like James Inhofe (climate change denier to the stupid max) can screw things up.

The home stretch

The final vote is scheduled for Sunday.
They’ll have spent a year building to this moment.

Medicare took 3+ years.
Cries of “this took soooo long” lack historical credibility.

The congressional budget office says this legislationi saves us $138 billion this decade, 1.2 trillion the following decade.
Cries of “we can’t afford it” ignore reality, when the fact is we cannot afford NOT to pass it.

Here’s is the president campaigning for health care reform.
I get the impression that given an earlier public campaign, we could have gotten the public option.
But a step forward is much better than where we were headed.

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