CBO weighs in on the stimulus reports

CBO says that only 100 billion of the 787 billion stimulus has been spent.
Which is inline with their original projections.

the CBO estimates that between 600,000 and 1.6 million people were employed in the third quarter of 2009 who otherwise would not have been. The spending and tax cuts raised the Gross Domestic Product by somewhere between 1.2 and 3.2 percent, it found, and reduced unemployment by 0.3 to 0.9 percent.

Reduced unemployment by 0.3% and 0.9%.
As a result of roughly 1/4th of the total (includes $90 billion in tax cuts).

But of course, facts such as these will not prevent conservatives from spinning the opposite picture, with claims that the stimulus has ‘failed’, lol.
They are so full of crap, its hilarious that people believe our conservative politicians.

Shortly after the stimulus was passed, the GOP began declaring it a failure, a conclusion the party has stuck to since – even if some officials take credit for what it’s accomplishing when they’re back at home

You’ll hear republicans crowing about a “promise” the white house made about unemployment not rising past 8% if the stimulus was passed.
As if that was a big selling point, lol – I was paying close attention and didn’t hear that until months later, as conservative nerds no doubt hunted down a phrase they could point at and scream “false”.

However, the white house projections matched the projections at the CBO, for the most part.

the reason the CBO failed to predict the rise in unemployment that has taken place since February is that the model it uses doesn’t take into account the fact that the banking system collapsed.

Twilight falling fast?

Someone help me out here.

I heard a couple of weeks ago that the movie “new moon”, part of the twilight trilogy, came out and nearly set a record for number of teenagers watching in the first week.

But I cannot see it on the top 10 list on yahoo movies.
Is this an error?
Or am I not seeing it?
1 – 2012
2 – Disney’s A Christmas Carol
3 – Precious
4 – The Men Who Stare at Goats
5 – Michael Jackson’s This Is It
6 – The Fourth Kind
7 – Couples Retreat
8 – Paranormal Activity
9 – Law Abiding Citizen
10 – The Box

I see no mention of twilight or new moon.
Did that movie already drop out of theaters?
If so, great.
But something tells me yahoo is missing a movie in their top 10.

The trailer, and an annoying ad.


All plants growing in my little apartment.
And my deck is full of others.

These are probably narcissus bulbs, though one is likely a hyacinth.

A fern and a peace lily. Peace lilies are reported to be good at cleaning the air.

More bulbs (narcissus and hyacinth)

More bulbs (narcissus and hyacinth)

Hyacinth bulbs

More bulbs (narcissus and hyacinth)

More bulbs (narcissus and hyacinth)

Narcissus bulbs. Ran out of single containers, so left-over bulbs got tossed into this bowl.

Couple sets of seedlings. A mix of things, sweet peas, four o’clocks, lavendar, stock, candytuft

I don’t recall what these were, but they are sprouting. Big seeds. Maybe that was the moringa seeds.

Sweet Peas

These are (will be) calamondin – miniature citrus trees.

Fifteen wisteria seeds were just planted here, 3 varieties.

If my other guess about Moringa seeds is wrong, these are moringa seeds.

These are the Miracle Fruit (changes sour to sweet) seeds.

These seedlings are sprouting in rock wool cubes (or stone wool).
Another mix of plants.

My wick system – two pieces from a mob sucking moisture up to the plants.

Baby Wisteria Vine.

Lemon-scented Eucalyptus (mosquito repellent)

Night Jasmine or Carolina Jasmine – I got these two mixed up.


Night Jasmine or Carolina Jasmine.

Chamber of Lies

The chamber of commerce is at it again, with downright stupid commercials they hope misleads the public regarding the health care reform bill being discussed in congress.

The first is here:


The chamber of commerce is spending an awful lot of money fighting against what is right.
I encourage all members of the national chamber of commerce to rethink their affiliation.

None of these ads are factual – they are only fear-mongering, for the sole economic benefit of some of their members.
Its pathetic.

And consider their stance against science.
I’ll put up a list of chamber members shortly – businesses sponsoring (or running) this association should be recognized.

China’s Premiere to attend Copenhagen

After Obama’s trip to Asia recently, we heard that the president will in fact attend the conference in Copenhagen.

And similar good news – China’s premiere will attend as well, and they’ve pledged to lessen their pollution.

China pledged Thursday to cut “carbon intensity,” a measure of carbon dioxide emissions per unit of gross domestic product, by 40 to 45 percent by 2020, compared with levels in 2005. Beijing also said Premier Wen Jiabao will take part in the Copenhagen meeting.

More at huffington post

Ed Begley Jr’s good advice

If you want to know about a particular science, talk to the scientists.

Don’t get your science news from someone who doesn’t understand it.

In this clip, Ed attempts to get through a Fox idiot anchor’s think skull, who seems to think that an inhabitable earth impinges on his freedoms.

Fox = Stupidity and Ignorance.
Protect your children.

Washington Post: The Fox of newspapers

Washington Post – just makin’ shit up.

Two writers claimed that:

House Minority Leader John A. Boehner won’t be there; he’s on Thanksgiving break and home in Ohio. His deputy, Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia, also didn’t get an invitation to the dinner.

Think Progress: However, this simply isn’t true. As Politico reported, Boehner was invited but turned the White House down.

More at Think Progress.

The lesson of this story is that if you prefer to be misinformed, read the Washington Post. Or the New York Post. Or fox “news”.

Fight malnutrition with Moringa

According to TreesForLife.org, Moringa oleifera has great potential in combatting extreme poverty and hunger. The nutritious leaves grow quickly, and in many types of environment, and can feed people as well as livestock and sanctuary animals. Surprisingly, the leaves contain a well balanced profile of the essential amino acids, which is rare for a plant.

According to Dr. K. Shaine Tyson of Rocky Mountain Biodiesel Consulting, the defatted meal contains 60% protein, 40% more than soy meal. The high protein leaves can be used as animal fodder and together with the defatted meals, have been shown to increase weight gain in animals by 32% and milk production by 42-55%. The defatted meal can also be used to purify water, settling out sediments and organisms.

I ordered some seeds for a variety of moringa, and today I found out a bit more information while looking to make certain the seeds don’t require special handling.

I stumbled across the website at http://www.treesforlife.org/, and it has a lot more information than I previously found.

Some of the uses listed for Moringa:


Alley Cropping
Erosion Control




Water Purification



Its an impressive list.

Add to that list Plant Growth Stimulant.
The .pdf here has some examples of its effects.

plant growth sprayeffects of spraynutrition


These images are from the pdf linked above.

These two images from: http://www.bihrmann.dk/Caudiciforms/SUBS/mor-ova-sub.asp