Campbell Brown on Journalism

More evidence refuting the assertion that CNN leans to the left.
CNN leans right by continuing to passively help right-wing disinformation spread.

Referring to CNN’s Campbell Brown, Media Matter’s James Foser writes:

And in Brown’s telling, MSNBC “leans left” just as much as Fox “leans to the right.” Of course, Brown doesn’t actually provide any examples; doesn’t even name any names. In a segment that ran nearly 1,000 words, Brown didn’t provide a single example of slanted commentary, flawed journalism, false claims, or anything else at all. No facts, no details, nothing.

And maybe CNN’s refusal to consistently point our right-wing lies and smears is part of their effort to be an impartial observer.

But when CNN gives equal time to crackpots as they do legitimate politicians they do the entire country a disservice – that equal time is augmented when lies are not called out.

To me it appears that CNN’s chiefs have decided to try and grab some of the Fox crazy money and have started to intentionally drift to the right.

Here’s Campbell’s video in question.

Stimulus results and CNN going right

Are not yet tallied, but the White House estimate is 650,000 jobs.

Which is on target to hit 3 million over the life of the stimulus, but I had hoped for more.
Of course, this doesn’t take into account indirect jobs – but that is more difficult to count.

More at Yahoo.

Update: has updated their site.

640,329 jobs.
Assuming these numbers are correct, how good is that number?

CBO reported a low estimate of 800,000 jobs and 1.4% GDP
And a high estimate of 2.3 million jobs and 3.8% GDP

So you can consider me slightly disappointed.
Of course, maybe the CBO numbers include jobs indirectly tied to the stimulus.
Which I’ve read numbers of 1 million jobs, so either way its toward the low side of estimates.
On the other hand, the administration was careful to stick to conservative estimates of 3 million over 2-3 years.

— An Example of why I say CNN is not liberal, and certainly not in alliance with the White House —

They are reporting on the stimulus, and they lead off with unemployment numbers, implying the common right-wing nonsense that a high unemployment rate means the stimulus is not working. They then display and challenge the stimulus numbers in their entirety by quoting someone who doesn’t understand how the white house can tell the difference between a saved job and a created job.

I’ll explain that.
If the states used money to pay salaries for existing employees that would otherwise have been laid off, then that is a job saved.
If someone is hired for a project, that is a job created.
There is nothing difficult about this, CNN (and sources).

Its doing what was expected by realists (people paying attention).

CNN ends its report by noting that the market dropped big on Friday and that the 3.5% GDP increase “isn’t that impressive”.
What, lol?

Would CNN rather be still in the recession?

Right Wing Media vs. Reality part 2

Two articles, same subject.

Washington Post vs the New York Times.
Dana Milbank vs Christopher Drew

Washington Post
How not to stick to your guns

New York Times
Victory for Obama Over Military Lobby

Isn’t that funny.
Somebody isn’t telling the truth, or is glossing over important points in order to push a perspective.
Lets find out who that is.

Milbank of the Washington Post
– starts with a snarky reference to the nobel peace prize
– Emphasizes that this is the largest military spending plan in history.
That is true.
But the author neglects to mention that each of the past 8 years has also shared that distinction.
– mentions that Obama succeeded in “killing off” the F-22 and a fleet of presidential helicopters.
– Claims that the military lobby forced new engines for the F-35 down Obama’s throat; a clear victory over the white house.
– Talks about a poll that people mistrust the government. (stop watching Fox idiots.)
– says that the budget is larger. Stops there. Doesn’t give any details as to why its larger. Inflation, lol? I hope the author is not that manipulative.
– gives 3 examples that total roughly 5 billion, which is 1% of the military budget, for a little perspective.
– says that there are a mess of earmarks in the bill.
– brings up another negative report

After reading the Washington Post article, I have no feeling of victory, despite the early mention that the president succeeded in cutting a couple of wasteful projects.

Because I’m not an idiot, I’m wondering – how much were those two projects going to cost that Obama succeeded in cutting?

1.75 billion yearly, so nearly 11 billion over 10 years for the F-22
The helicopters?

The government spent close to $3.2 billion on the project before Defense Secretary Robert Gates killed it for being behind schedule and over budget.

Gates said the project, which had a $13 billion price tag, no longer met White House requirements.

So after some work, I realize that Obama and Defense Secretary Gates succeeded in cutting roughly $20 billion, at a cost of $5 billion.

Another reason this may be a victory for the white house.
These were entrenched programs – giving up a fraction back in earmarks is acceptable considering they are one-time payments as far as I know.
And if congress is on its game, we won’t start any unnecessary wasteful programs.

So how did the New York Times article do?
Its more well rounded, has more facts and notices that the measure also
“includes a ban on hate crimes that Democratic leaders attached to the bill.”

There are many reasons to like this budget.

Washington Posts credibility takes a shot, and Milbank’s credibility goes negative for me.

UPDATE: a report I read today suggested the savings to total $100 billion.
While washington post quibbles about 1% of that amount to attempt to claim failure.

Public Option

The public option being proposed in the house bill is the version that the more conservative democrats prefer.
That means rates will be negotiated rather than be tied to medicare rates (plus 5%).

The CBO says that the House bill would reduce the deficit by more than $100 billion over 10 years, but I suspect that a stronger public option, tied to medicare rates, would keep prices down more effectively.

So I hope we can now stop the opposition from whining about how much health reform will add to the deficit.
It reduces the deficit.
Course, the last two estimates from the senate bill said the same thing and the whining didn’t stop.
But maybe the 3rd time is the charm.

Today we did get to see Ohio representative Dennis Kucinich get fired up.
And I appreciate that, Mr. Kucinich.
Well done Ohio.

A little about Dennis Kucinich.
Through his various governmental positions and campaigns, Kucinich has attracted attention for consistently and unabashedly delivering “the strongest liberal” perspective. This perspective and his actions, such as bringing articles of impeachment against President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

More at wikipedia.

Polls show increasing support for the public option.

The image is from a Kaiser poll which shows support for the public option among doctors.

Avatar Trailer

The Avatar Trailer is below.

Avatar was directed by James Cameron.
Yeah, the titanic guy.
But also the strange days guy.

Did Terminator 3 (bleh)
But also did Terminator 2 (yay)
And bonus points for the first film.

Can’t forget True Lies either.

Hit or miss.
Call me a skeptic about this film based only on the director.
I give it a 60% change to be a very good, not great, movie.
And a 40% change to be an average film or worse.
I’ll wait for critic reviews before thinking about spending money on it, though.

It is pretty though.

The official website is here.

This is the trailer for the Avatar video game.
Which doesn’t look as terrible as most movie tie-ins.

Commander in Chief

Initially I didn’t understand why he’d stand with the officers.
Then I remembered the ‘Commander-In-Chief’ job title, which clearly puts him at the top of the military.
I like this president.

I haven’t heard critics reaction outside of some gushing, which I’ll share.

From Political and Media Strategist, Tom Matzzie at
Obama’s Dover Salute Is an Iconic Image of His Presidency


9/11 is why we are in Afghanistan.
Of course, apparently Al Qaeda has moved into Pakistan.

In which case, are we even fighting the right guys now?

Call me a war monger then.

Trackback didn’t seem to work.
I didn’t actually read how its done, I just assumed that was it.

Spotting Identity Thieves in your Inbox

This morning I received a message from Facebook, asking me to click a button on their email.

facebook identity theives 2

facebook identity theives

However, I noticed that when I put my mouse over the update button, the address I would be taken to is:

As you can see, I would not be taken to
I would be taken to, which is not facebook.
Always look at the right-most domain name.

I have no doubt that if I clicked on that link, they would ask me for my username and password to my facebook account.  From there, they have access to whatever information you’ve entered into Facebook.  And if you are an avid user, you’ve likely entered in some information that could be used to steal your identity.

I clicked the link, and guess what?
Google’s browser helpfully identifies the website as a threat.
Very helpful.
facebook identity theives 4

Firefox does not notify me that the site is suspected of Phishing, but I’m certain that google could make their phishing website database available to other browsers.

In firefox, this is what the Phisher’s site looks like – just like a facebook login page.

facebook identity theives 5Be careful out there.

Yankees vs. Phillies

With my preferred underdogs (Minnesota and St. Louis) already beaten, baseball is down to the Yanks and Phils.

Tim Brown over at Yahoo Sports has broken things down by position.

However, he’s wrong on a number of those positional comparisons.

At catcher, he’s got Posada and Ruiz as a tie.
C’mon, that is silly despite Posada’s lack of spring chicken-ness.
In this case, Brown seems to believe we should look at the small sample of postseason play over the regular season.
It’s dumb. Hands down Posada is the positional winner here.

At First, Brown chooses Ryan Howard over Mark Texeira.
Their value with the bat is close.
Mark is more valuable with the glove (which doesn’t slump).
Ryan cannot hit lefties.
Wrong again Brown.
Mark will have the better series.

At 2nd, Utley is clearly ahead of Cano, though Cano did have a tremendous season.
Brown got this one right.

At shortstop, Brown gives the edge to Jeter.
Jeter’s defense has improved this year, according to some metrics that have traditionally been unkind to his play.
Jimmy Rollins is a better field (opinion) and more dangerous with the bat, though Jeter has shown the ability to play up to the circumstance.
I expect Rollins will have the better series.

At 3rd, Brown selected Arod over Feliz.
Easy pick there.

Left field, Brown chose Damon over Ibanez.
I wouldn’t want either of these players.
The season Ibanez put up is not normal.
It was Bonds-ian in comparison to the rest of his career.
More so if you consider only the first half (where’d that come from).

Centerfield has Victorino over Melky/Gardner.
Cannot disagree with that.

Right Field Brown has Werth over Swisher. I disagree.
Swish will have a great series, but Werth did have the better season overall.

The pitching to me is a toss up.
The game 1 starters are great, both former Indians (Cliff Lee and CC Sabathia), but after that things are murky.
Can Pedro recapture some glory and help capture a championship?
Is Burnett going to be unhittable or will he get bombed?
Cole Hammels has struggled some this year.
Andy Pettitte has experience, but the results this year were average.
I do like the back-end of the Phillies rotation, with Blanton and Happ, but the Yanks have the edge in bullpens.

Yanks in 6, but lets hope for a 7-game series.

Shutter Island

Directed by Martin Scorsese.
With Ben Kingsley and Leonardo DiCaprio.

I’ll wait for video, barring an outstanding review by Roger Ebert.
I like Scorsese usually, but I really don’t like DiCaprio, despite the feeling that he’s a rather accomplished and talented actor.

The unusual thing about this movie is that its a slasher/suspense flick.
Not something that is typically Scorsese material.