Fox network spreading lies again

Steve Doocy, Glenn Beck and other fox truth stretchers have been pushing the false claim that:

“White House Political Director Patrick Gaspard once served as the “right-hand man” for Bertha Lewis, who heads up ACORN.”

Who did Fox turn to for this intrepid piece of false reporting?
Someone’s blog.
Great work again Fox. has more here:

Politifact has more here:

For politifact’s Glenn Beck page, click below:

CIT Group nears bankruptcy – perfect time to buy?

CIT Group shares lost 99 cents today on news that the commercial lender is again near collapse.

It would be a risky play, to jump in when the water is the hottest.
But if the price of shares drops below 50 cents – I’m in.
Not for much, but its a gamble I’d be willing to make*

*Don’t follow my advice – I’m a rookie

This is a company who’s stocks were trading in the $40 range within the last two years.
Obviously, if the company survives without going into bankruptcy, the shares will rebound to some degree (eventually)

You can read more about CIT Group here:
Report: CIT Group again on brink of collapse

Stephen Colbert on health care negotiations

Colbert translates Pat Roberts request for additional time as “all he wants is some time for health care lobbyists to change the bill”.

“It’s time for lawmakers like Max Baucus to stop hiding their relationships and start printing bumper stickers like these: “Max Baucus: I take more money from the health care lobby than anyone in congress.”

A little honesty from our lawmakers would be nice.

Why is it that the majority of the country wants a public option, but congress has such a tough time getting that done?
Because corporate lobbyists and their paid-for flunkies in congress have too much influence.
Its time to outlaw lobbying and let our lawmakers focus on the good of the people they were elected to serve.

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Don’t get sick

The GOP health care plan:
Don’t get sick

In chastising republicans for their blind support of the status quo, Alan Grayson brought out a sign that sums up the republican health care plan. Don’t get sick.

And republicans were naturally outraged over being faced with reality.

I think its about time they had some of their own medicine.
Well done.

Kaiser survey finds “Public Support For Health Reform Increases in September”

The following stood out.

Democrats remain overwhelmingly in favor of tackling health care now (77%), while most Republicans say we cannot afford to do so (63%) and independents are more evenly divided (51% in favor and 44% opposed).

What should we cut?

How about we repeal the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts?

How about medicare part D?

Republicans complaining about costs make me chuckle.

Republicans seem to agree that something must be done.
But they don’t want to do anything.
Maybe Snowe will come through.


Republicans have used it in the last decade – they assume the short memory of average Joe will allow them to disregard their own history and pretend like reconciliation is an outlandish and rarely used tactic.

A decent prediction by Mike Blowers

Predicted the day of a players first home run.
And the inning (5th).
And the pitch type (fastball)
And the count (3-1).
And the location (left field, second deck).

It appears fairly amazing to me, but I bet if you ask Blowers he’d say its simple luck and educated guesses.

3-1 being a fairly typical fastball count, those two go together.
And the batter is a good fastball hitter with power (or so I’ve heard/read). From his minor league stats I would not be surprised if Tuiasosopo could hit 30 in a season at some point.
Blowers may have scouting information that says the rookie is a pull hitter (most power hitters are pull hitters).
Guessing the inning and distance?
Maybe Blowers saw how far he was hitting in BP that day, but inning sounds like luck or odds.

Still pretty amazing, considering all that.

Rachel Maddow had a clip about the prediction on her show.

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Movies I won’t watch

A movie about Dancing.

However, I do find Kherington Payne appealing enough.

Kherington Payne Behind-The-Scenes Photo ShootThese bloopers are hilarious

Reluctantly, here is the trailer for Fame.
One of these days I’ll find the courage to watch the trailer.
FAME: Movie TrailerClick here for another funny movie.

Jennifer’s Body
I like Megan Fox.
And my favorite reviewer (Roger Ebert of the Chicago Times) liked this movie more than I would have expected, giving it a B.
And that is a cool poster.

The official website is here:

And the trailer:

Their marketing strategy is effective.
I might watch this after all.