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The costs of ignoring climate change

1. Natural Disasters
Hurricane Sandy is going to cost 70 billion.
That is 140x the amount loaned to Solyndra, which was a one-time cost (and was built into the 2005 legislation).

2. Food Costs
Food will continue to be more difficult to grow, as temperatures keep increasing.

3. Think of the children
The republican created deficit is not a good reason to avoid doing something about climate change.
The kids ability to grow food trumps the (R) deficit.
Aside from that, a carbon tax program would REDUCE THAT DEFICIT, FFS.

And who is it that benefits, if we allow our lawmakers to deny science?
BIG OIL ALONE – but even big oil needs customers, and they’ll have fewer as we have trouble supporting our population.


Unfortunately, we cannot shoot this enemy.
Ignorance and purchased politicians are the biggest threats this country (and the world) faces.

And the bagger whines, “I don’t like the flicker”

as if fluorescent bulbs still flicker.

next they’ll whine about how long it takes for fluorescent bulbs turn on.
mine are near instant.

I’m referring to a bagger’s habit of trying to avoid saving money and reducing their waste, by insisting they want to use incandescent bulbs. Limbaugh is a big proponent of this. Crazy bagger Republicans like Michelle Bachmann also resist new technology. I have to wonder if the incandescent loves are simply paid schills for big oil.

Well baggers, meet the LED. Below is a chart for comparing costs of a fluorescent vs an incandescent.
But we can use it for LED’s as well.

I’ll save you the trouble of actually typing in the values.
A 5-watt LED saves somewhere around $12/year compared to a typical 40-watt bulb, and that includes the $5 cost of buying the LED. The next year you save $17. Baggers hanging onto a 75 watt incandescent are paying $35 more per year for light.

By AJ Design Software seems to have reasonable prices.
Lemandsind is new to me, but their prices beat
Probably all made in China, though.

USA does make LEDs (Cree for example and I think Luxeon as well).

Greenpeace: Koch big money behind climate change denial science

The Koch Industries (petroleum is in their umbrella) funded all the most well-known anti-climate change science in the last decade.

This is a very enlightening report, please scan over it.

The writeup at Huffington is here.

Green jobs cost jobs and money report from Spain?
Koch funded it.
It was a bunk report anyway – it blamed every job lost on the added green jobs, certainly not the only factor behind job loss in the entire economy of Spain.

2007 Polar Bear report?
Debunked widely and funded by Koch.

The owners are the Koch brothers, effectively tied for 19th richest man on the planet.

They also fund the americans for prosperity fake grassroots group, which works to stir up old folks to protest by lying about legislation. AFP is also behind two of the tea party groups, whose only purpose is to oppose obama.

A year ago during the summer town halls about health reform, we found out AFP, freedomworks were providing instructions designed to disrupt the town halls. We were also shown the impact of such trickery, with the fake brooks brothers riot.

My own summary of some of the fake grassrootery is here.

Maddow talks about the Brooks Brothers Riot here:

The real question is, can Koch be tied to right-wing media?
To Fox and Beck?
To Limpbaugh?

They certainly all seem to share one mind.

Here’s Maddow about the greenpeace report.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Ed Begley Jr’s good advice

If you want to know about a particular science, talk to the scientists.

Don’t get your science news from someone who doesn’t understand it.

In this clip, Ed attempts to get through a Fox idiot anchor’s think skull, who seems to think that an inhabitable earth impinges on his freedoms.

Fox = Stupidity and Ignorance.
Protect your children.

Large Hadron Collider switched on

A quieter relaunch than last year’s launch.

But what is a collider?
I’ll explain parts what I understand, which isn’t much.
Actually, its not what I understand so much as what I can remember reading.

A collider is a particle accelerator, from what I gathered.

The idea is to accelerate protons and ions to nearly the speed of light.
And then smash them together.

This particle accelerator cost 3.6 billion pounds.
Don’t worry tea-partiers, it didn’t come from your tax money.

Apparently smashing little bits of things together could help us understand the origin of mass.
I don’t understand that.
But many scientists do, according to the article.

Other researchers are looking for evidence of supersymmetry, the idea that every particle in the Universe has a “companion” particle.

Call me a pessimist, but I somehow think we’ll be disappointed.
But then I don’t understand .. almost any of it, lol.

Its still very interesting.


More information about particle accelerators can be found at wikipedia

The Hardon Collider merited a mention on the Colbert Report, who is clearly coming to babyspittle for their news.

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The same evening Colbert interviewed Physicist Brian Cox.

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