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Dragon Age: Origins

This game just jumped to the top of the list.
The preview always looked good, but I just realized this is a bioware game.

Bioware did the original Knights of the Old Republic as well as Mass Effect.
Mass effect so far is the closest I’ve come to playing a movie.
It was slick.

This is an example of game play.
The nice thing about this style of gameplay is that you don’t need super-twitch fingers to do well. You pause it, set commands then you can watch it play out.

OOTP and Baseball Mogul

I’ve played Baseball Mogul off and on for 10 years.
It is a very easy game to get into, provided you enjoy the sports management genre.

Easier to get into traditionally for me, when compared with OOTP (out of the park) baseball.
OOTP is much deeper, and certainly is more of a simulation.

In the past both games have suffered from unrealistic results, with OOTP having issues with injuries.

Mogul meanwhile, has had problems recently (within the last couple years) in simulations after the first few seasons.
In one case, new (computer generated) position players were unable to hit.
So after the current crop of real players, your game effectively ends or you simply try to compile the best San Francisco Giants roster possible (all pitching, no offense).


In both cases mentioned, realism suffers.
And the default probably isn’t set hard enough in OOTP, as I’ve consistently been able to trade for top prospects with lesser prospects.
I want the default setting to be: real, as real as it can get.

Both games have demos.
The baseball mogul website is here
The OOTP website is here

A game I have never played, is diamond mind baseball.
Their simulations are pretty accurate, from what I’ve read.
Hmm, looks like this website has stagnated, outside of small updates.

Fable 2

Busy working hard playing Fable 2 today.

[amazonify]B000FRVAD4:right[/amazonify]It is similar to the original, but prettier.
And there are more options – you can purchase any building it seems.

I spent some time earlier as a blacksmith, and earned enough to buy a building, which I’ve since rented out.
Every five minute I get 43 gold.
May not be much, but I plan to take the game slowly and apparently the money accrues while I’m not playing.

So far the game hasn’t shown any problems – unlike the first time I bought the game, where it crashed after 20 minutes.

Developer’s site is here:

And wikipedia page:

After a day of play, I’m a skilled bartender, woodcutter and blacksmith.
I own a dozen houses and a bar.
Not knowing how long the campaign is, I don’t want to cut it short if I’m anywhere near the end.
That seems unlikely, as I’ve only seen one face-in-a-wall so far.

Halo 3: ODST

Halo’s music.
I like it.

This game snuck up on me – I had no idea another Halo was due out.
I must not have my eye on the video game industry as much as I used to.

The trailer is here.

The music is Gaelic.
Lament by Light of Aidan

Another game with a 9 at gamespot.
There were few negatives – one being that multiplayer feels the same as with Halo 3.
I didn’t play multiplayer much, so that won’t bother me.

I would also play this game.

Official site is here:


Here is the introduction video from EA’s FIFA 10.

Its been almost 10 years since I’ve played FIFA.
Not that I didn’t like the series – it always received decent reviews – but I always spent more time on the football and baseball video games.
However, baseball games have been lackluster even in their usual strong point – the management options and apparently this soccer game has good management modes.

The game has received positive reviews from critics.
Gamespot: 9/10

I would play this game.