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You can be a trump supporter, but you cannot also be a patriot.

You can falsely believe that “he tells it like it is”, but then you’re just a fucking moron. While infecting the white house, he lied more than 30,000 times and hasn’t stopped lying.

You cannot support trump while also supporting the constitution and the rule of law. You are not a patriot. You’re a sucker that foolishly supports fascism.

Piece of Shit

Piece of shit.
Donald Trump is a piece of shit.

There’s never been a bigger piece of crap infecting the white house.

He was pure shit BEFORE he was installed, being so damned stupid as to confuse a foreign propaganda network (fox) for a news network.

He’s an even bigger pile of shit now, groveling to dictator Putin while Putin pays bounties to kill US troops. If you ever bought into the republican lie that they care about the troops, you’re a dumb piece of shit too – but hopefully you’re over that shittery now.

Of course, Trump being a huge piece of shit isn’t limited to him being a fucking traitor.

  • Trump has been attacking the US economy since day one, while being such a piece of shit that he tries to take credit for obama’s economy (job growth under trump has always been slower than obama’s job growth).
  • Trump’s such a short-sighted piece of shit, he tries to hide cases of the coronavirus, pretending its over in a stupid attempt to improve the stock market – rather than actually try to deal with the problem as so many other countries have done so much more successfully. American lives? Trump doesn’t care. News flash for you piece of shit right wingers – dead americans cannot contribute to the GDP or the profits of big business.
  • As a true piece of shit, trump’s also a blatant racist.
  • But he’s dumber than shit, as even the stinkiest piece of shit doesn’t do nearly as much damage to the environment as trump has.
  • Trump’s one legislative “victory” was trillions in debt giving handouts to big business and billionaires. This from the party that pretends they give a shit about the deficit and debt (only when there’s a (D) president), while they continually grow both.
  • If you thought up the worst possible reaction and policy position to take at any given time, you have piece of shit trump.

In short, Fuck piece of shit Trump.
Fuck the Republican party.
Fuck Fox propaganda network.
Fuck Facebook and Fuck Zuckerberg.
And fuck you if you’re such a dumb piece of crap that you voted for Trump.

You know what, I’m not fucking done.

Trump’s a piece of shit for firing people with expertise in order to install nut-licking lackeys.

Trump’s a piece of shit for hiring cover-up specialist bill barr as AG, who has done nothing but attack the rule of law.

Trump’s a piece of shit for not having the fucking balls to wear a goddamned face mask during a pandemic.

Trump’s a piece of shit for hiding in his bunker during peaceful fucking protests over police brutality.

Trump’s a piece of shit for coddling dictators and attacking US institutions.

This list could go on for a lot longer than I have the patience for.

Do any republicans want americans to vote?

Do all republicans want to suppress the vote? And a follow-up, do any republicans actually support democracy?

I’ve never seen a republican propose or supporting any measure that would increase voting.

I’ve seen republicans use drastic efforts to suppress the vote.

They gerrymander to the extreme.

They lie, often claiming that both parties are the same. Often sending push-poll questionnaires meant only to deceive the recipient.

They throw out ballots with their faulty cross-check program.

They send out mailers that remove people from the rolls if they aren’t returned by a certain date.

Meanwhile, their supreme court justices strike down laws to prevent voter suppression.

When has a republican supported election day as a national holiday, ensuring working americans get a right to vote?

When has a republican supported vote by mail, making it more convenient for americans to vote? (side note, republicans want to kill the constitutionally mandated post office along with killing off the constitutionally mandated free press)

When has a republican done anything to suggest they support democracy?

What are republicans good at?

Budget? Fuck no. The debt is almost entirely a republican creation, giving handouts to the wealthy and pursuing unjustified wars without end.

National security? Fuck no. They disregard domestic terrorism (white terrorists), ignoring that white supremacists have killed more americans than any terror group since bush’s 911. Civilian casualties increase in overseas bombings under republicans.

Business? hahaha, no. Republicans tend to oversee recessions, financial panics, etc. And their dumbass supporters think deregulation is a good idea? Republicans do create trillions in debt giving handouts to billionaires and massive corporations, as seen over and fucking over again.

Jobs? Nope, (D) governance has proven to be better for jobs, income growth (for every fucking body), the stock market.

It may seem like republicans aren’t good at a damned thing. However, a few bullet points to dispell the notional that republicans suck at everything.

  • gerrymandering
  • winning the electoral college while losing the popular vote
  • suppressing the vote
  • lying to their supporters
  • being corrupt pieces of shit

Twitter loveS nazis

Why does twitter love nazis?

I realize the CEO jack dempsey is a far right lunatic who is so fucking stupid he can’t tell the difference between tweets from an actual president (obama) and a hateful fascist dictator wanna-be (trump).

But shouldn’t twitter itself try to be a bit more neutral than promoting nazis? Surely being pro-fascism isn’t going to help them with most investors.

Shouldn’t people be abandoning their hate-filled platform, along with anti-democracy, russia-loving, facebook?

Fuck both of those platforms, which helped russia installed the dumbest man on the planet as illegitimate president.

When was our economy the strongest, according to right wing nutjobs?

Right wing nuts think that giving trillions in handouts to the wealthy is going to lead to prosperity, ignoring that trickle-down economics has always been a failure.

I wonder, which era in US history are the nuts trying to return to? Child labor? Slavery? World War?

Looking at unemployment, its clear the late 40’s were our most prosperous.
Government created 18 million jobs domestically in support of the war. But we don’t need to have a world war to create government jobs.

Maybe right wing nuts are looking at jobs created per year?
No, because if they were looking at jobs created per year, they’d want to emulate Bill Clinton. Even Jimmy Carter had more jobs / year than Reagan. Reagan’s huge handouts to the rich led to 10.8% unemployment and we only rebounded when ronnie decided to increase government spending.

Maybe the whackjobs are looking at GDP?
Then they’d clearly want to emulate FDR’s policies.

Republicans and their dimwitted cult continually attacks american workers in order to enrich the wealthiest, ignoring that our strongest economies were during times of strong worker rights and pay, while our weakest economies come during times when republicans give huge handouts to the richest.

How much corruption is acceptable to the right wing cult?

Things That Do Not Bother the Right Wing Cult:
– gerrymandering, allowing republicans to rig districts to get more seats in congress despite getting fewer votes.
– the voter fraud lie, which lets republicans justify tossing out hundreds of thousands of votes (illegally) in order to rig elections.
– voter caging, and other voter suppression tactics.
– naked power grab limiting an incoming (D) governor who replaces a (R) governor.
– citizen’s united and big money in politics, because the mindless right wing cult thinks that right wing billionaires are on their team.
– the right’s propaganda outlets, like fox, who lies to the right wing cult on a daily basis.
– a president that is completely opaque regarding his finances and his health, lies more than any politician in US history, and ignores all norms related to the presidency.

Things That Do Bother the Right Wing Cult:
– ACORN, which registered poor people to vote.

So now that dumb america has triumphed with a trump presidency, what happens next?

Idiot Trump has promised the bush tax cuts on steroids, so expect to see the budget deficit that shrank so much under obama (from 1.2 trillion to 0.5 trillion) to start growing again. Income inequality will grow with it.

Idiot Trump has promised to end previous free trade deals, which would lead to a loss of millions of jobs, more expensive imports and a recession.

Idiot Trump has promised to repeal obamacare, which means that insurance companies will again be able to deny coverage, and there will no longer be any billions in rebate checks coming to american consumers. Millions of americans will lose health insurance.

Trump takes over a country where many states have increased minimum wage – helping the economy. But he’s previously said that wages are too high. If he acts on that stupidity, our GDP will be reduced.

Trump has threatened to renegotiate our debt, which would likely cost us our reserve currency status and cause another republican credit downgrade.

Trump will surely continue to repeat right wing lies and conspiracy theories.
But, is there anything good to expect from a trump presidency? Not likely.